Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Season

I'm not sure many of you even read my blog anymore since I don't update it often enough to check in a lot. This holiday season has seemed to go by so fast. Ella is growing like a weed, saying all sorts of words now and surprises us with words we don't even know how she learned (nothing profane, I promise;P) I've had so much fun shopping for her this year. I think she will appreciate all her gifts even if she doesn't quite understand.
We're hoping for a baby in 2010. We are praying we are lucky enough to get pregnant that quickly. Ella is going to be such a great big sister. She is so loving and caring to everyone around her. She doesn't hit or pinch, she does voice her opinion, but is not physical. When she sees babies, she gently touches them and says "oooohhh, baby". Not sure if that will change in the future with a little baby brother or sister, but we shall see (hopefully).

Here are some pictures of her Christmas photo shoot!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So we're going ahead with an IUI

This is our "informed" decision I was babbling about in my last blog entry. I guess it's about the only choice we have left. I'm not feeling very hopeful. The RE thinks it isn't going to work, but is going to humor us. Which means another round of awful Clomid.
It would've been two years ago we found out about Ella at Christmas season. Would we really be lucky enough to find out again? This holiday season is going to be a bit tough. We should've had two babies enjoying Christmas with us, and now I don't feel hopeful that we will ever have two.

On another note, my very dear blogging friend lost her dear dear Wyatt at 18 weeks gestation a couple of weeks ago and I ask that you send good thoughts and prayers her way...