Monday, April 27, 2009

A Day in The Park

Ella had her first trip to the park this past Sunday. She loves to swing in the baby swing. She had fun on the tire swing with her Aunt Carrie!
Like her Mommy and Daddy, she is as pale as can be, so we lathered her with SPF 60 sunscreen and put a bonnet (a cute one I might add) on her to keep the sun out of her sensitive little face.
We will be taking many more trips to the park.

Baptism weekend!

Our family is so blessed to have taken place in such a wonderful celebration of Ella being baptized! Ella was beautiful (as always) in her baptism gown made from Mommy's wedding gown!
Grandma and Grandaddy came to visit this weekend as well as Aunt Carrie and Uncle Bill. We enjoyed having them here for the celebration.
Ella brings so much joy into everyone's life!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fun!

We all had a great Easter, and we hope you and your family did too! Ella got TWO Easter baskets! Not really a surprise though. We (the Easter Bunny) got her a bunch of necessities in a basket like tights, socks, babyfood, etc. My mom and Dad got her a shovel and pail as a bucket with an outfit, a toy, and a big girl sippy cup that she is going to start using soon! We can't wait to use the shovel and pail this summer at the beach. We did an Easter Egg hunt and I had a very hard time finding my color egg because I'm not so good at that type of thing. Adam found all of his no problem. Ella watched with amusement. All in all, Easter was SO fun! Ella, of course looked beautiful in her dress.

Sorry, some of these pictures got cut off in the process of downloading.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Me and my ducky robe

This is me after my bath all nice and clean!!! I don't scream after my bath anymore!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I got dressed up in my Easter suit to show everyone how cute I am. If you look real close, I have bunny ears.