Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ballet Class and Apple Orchard

It's been a while since I've posted about Ella.  She is doing great and talking SO well now.  Almost all full sentences.  And man is she sassy!!  She now has an opinion.  About everything.  I went up to get her our of her crib last week and her pj's were off.  I asked her why they were and she said "I too big for jammies, I don't "yike" them!"....she now refuses not wear those pajamas.
  This week was her first week at dance lessons and she, well, she HATED it.  I think it was a bit intimidating to her.  She got her tap shoes on, had a couple of pictures taken, the teacher marked her spot on the floor with her initial and told her to stand on it and she balled.  The whole time.  We will probably go next week for one more try, but, really, she may be too young, and that's fine, but she only has so many opportunities to interact with younger children since I'm a SAHM and she doesn't go to daycare.
  We also went to the apple orchard this weekend.  Ella got stung by a bee in two spots for the first time.  At first we thought she was just scared of the bee which is very unlike her cause she loves bugs then Adam found a bee sting on her thumb.  Later, her chin got a little puffy and red.  So there you have it folks, she got stung and is now PETRIFIED of bees.  She heard a plane outside later (I guess it sounded like a bee) and she started shaking and crying.  Poor girl.  Stupid bee.
  Here are some pictures of this weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

20 Weeks!! Half way there:)

Please excuse the bathroom, it needs a complete overhaul:P  This is my 20 week pic.  I haven't been doing weekly pictures or anything because, quite frankly, I don't think I look pregnant:)  Well, until today I didn't.
  I'm feeling much better these days, I haven't vomitted in about a week.  I am, however haven't serious growing pains and carrying Ella around is getting more difficult.
  Feeling the babies move (and knowing which one is moving) is the coolest thing ever.  It makes all this sickness and soreness all worth it!!!
  My next appointment isn't until the 4th of Oct.  I hope I can make it till then to see these babes on u/s!