Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm aware my comments aren't working

Anyone have any clue how to fix them??

In the meantime, I will give an update. Ella is doing GREAT! Still very verbal and loves life. She sucks it in and is FULL of energy.
We had a great Easter where she got spoiled as always. 2 easter baskets and an easter egg hunt later, she was pooped, but not too much because she managed to eat through a bunch of chocolate.
Here she is on Easter day in all her beauty:)
In other news, my Endo seems to be getting worse. I had an SHG a few weeks back where they discovered a polyp, so I had surgery last week to get it out. That was no fun, but I had a great new doc in Portland do it and she was wonderful. Too bad she isn't in the area, she would be my permanent doctor.

I'll try to update a little more often. Again, can anyone help me with why my comments aren't working?? I took all security off from them to try that out and it didn't work.