Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm Pregnant!!!

BFP!!!!! I cannot believe I'm typing this! I've had AF cramps for 5 days now and thought for sure that I was going to have my period. With no bleeding, I decided to take a trip to WalMart last night. I got a package that had two pregnancy tests just incase one came out negative.

I got home, feeling for sure that it was going to be a negative test. Sure enough, 5 seconds after I peed on the stick, it was positive. Not just one of those faint positives, but it was ULTRA CLEAR!!!! I started screaming and crying and Adam came and hugged me and we jumped and I cried and shook. We were both in disbelief.

We immediately went over my parents house to tell my mom and Dad. My mom was laying down in bed and we had my dad come in from the living room. I just blurted out, "I'm Pregnant!" My mom instantly started shaking and crying and my Dad was just so happy.

Of course my sisters needed to know cause they thought something else was going on. So I had Paige go in the basement so I could tell Britt and her at the same time. They were so happy and we hugged forever. Unfortunately Kylee wasn't home, but I will tell her tomorrow.

Adam and I have beaten all the odds. I have stage IV endometriosis. I had a 15-20% chance to get pregnant with endometriosis. I had a half of an ovary taken out in April and my tube was damaged beyond repair. I cannot tell you what a miracle this is. I am so thankful.

Now we have to play the waiting game and find out if this is a viable pregnancy or not. I'm hoping because I have had absolutely no bleeding that it is. The only other symptoms I've had is slight dizziness, sore boobs, and pretty bad cramping in my uterus.

Please keep me in your thoughts! I'm hoping this is real for us. This was our last chance opportunity to have a baby before IVF next month. I am so thankful to not have to go through IVF.

I'm not sure how far along I am because we were on a break this month before fertility treatments, I can't remember the start date of my last period.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Finally, at peace for a little

My ob/gyn called me last week to talk about my test results because he knew that I wasn't happy with my 7.3 progesterone level at 7dpo. At least he returns my calls, my RE doesn't.
He told me that all he was really looking for was a positive number and that upping my clomid does was going to make my body reverse the progress it had made with ovulating. Fine, I guess I'm at peace with this.
What' I'm not at peace with is the fact that my RE and RE nurse never return my phone calls. I wanted to call and check if it would suppress my endo to go on BCP's for a little before January's IVF. Well, thank goodness my ob/gyn cares enough to call. He doesn't know why they had suggested BCP's for me at all with the severity of my endo. It wouldn't do me any good. I told him that Adam and I decided to take a break for this cycle. We defiantly aren't preventing, but I'm not going on the Clomid again. I can't take another cycle of it. I want a drug free cycle before IVF.
The doc thinks it's a good idea. I was stressed to the max last month with the clomid. I felt naseaus and crampy and bloated and moody. Never again.
I feel better, physically this cycle. I don't feel like puking and I don't feel bloated. I do still feel moody, but what's an infertile to do?