Friday, December 17, 2010

We have babies!

Juliette Kim and Tucker Christian were born on 12/15/10 at 33 weeks gestation.  Jules was 4lbs15oz and Tuck was 4lbs5oz.  They are stable and in the NICU but not where we want them to be just yet.  Their lungs were very immature, so they have a breathing tube in and it doesn't look like it's coming out anytime soon for either of them.  Please pray for our babies.  I will do my long version of my birth (c section) story when I'm not so pooped.
         Tucker Christian (Tuck)

Juliette Kim (Jules)

Monday, December 6, 2010

A trip to Labor and Delivery

First off, just let me say this.  This pregnancy has been "fairly" uneventful and I'm very thankful for that. You have to understand though, that even the smallest things set me off because we tried so hard and went to such great lengths for these babies.
  I've had two bleeding scares at the beginning and went in for an u/s each time feeling doomed.  Thursday was my second trip to Labor and Delivery.  Last time was at about 26 weeks for contractions that were 5 minutes apart for an hour to an hour and a half.  By the time I got to L&D they were few and far between.
  This time I was having panic attacks or "anxiety attacks" as the nurse was calling them, along with contractions.  My blood pressure is borderline high and has been for the past month so they are looking at the possibility of pre-eclampsia, but my urine samples have been clean so that's great.  My baseline blood pressure is 120/70-80 and it's been running mid 130's/mid 80's.  I had trace protein in my urine, but it was most probably from being dehydrated.  My cervix was high, but dilated a fingertip which the OB said was fine, but still makes me worried that these contractions are doing something.
  It's too early for babies to make an entrance.  They need at least 4-5 more weeks for no NICU time.  I do, admittedly stress out way too much, but I can't help myself.  It's mostly about the babies and the logistics, some about other things.  I've always been quite a worrier.  The nurses and OB told me to "just relax" which is easy for them to say.
  I put my feet up as much as I can with Ella running around, I hardly ever go to the store anymore (only when we are in desperate need of milk and bread) and Adam has been taking care of a good deal of the housework.  Sleep is very hard lately, but I think that's too be expected this late in pregnancy.  I do believe though, a lot of my sleep deprivation is not being able to shut my mind down at night.  It's when I do the majority of my thinking.  So I have started trying to practice "good sleep hygiene" as my OB likes to call it.  No tv, word games, or reading in bed.  Bed is for sleeping and that's it.  It's not working, but I'll keep trying for a while.
  Contractions still come about every 5-10 minutes at night and are fairly painful, but my threshold is about 2 hours of that, then I will go back to L&D.  The nurses are sooooo nice, so I don't feel uncomfortable going in.  Here's to hoping that there are no more trips to the hospital for a while!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Pictures!

Ella looks so lovely in anything, but I LOVE this little pea coat.  She loved it too and did pretty well posing for pictures!  Here is a preview:)

30 Week Appointment

This blog is getting really boring, I'll admit it.  I'll keep this short.

Everything is going well, the babies are measuring 2lbs15oz and 3lbs6oz.  They are transverse, so it looks like most likely it will be a C-section for me.  Hopefully a miracle will happen and at least Baby A will turn head down:P

I start getting bi-weekly NST's in a few weeks (which is in office monitoring for contractions and heart rate) so we are getting closer to the end.

We are hoping for another 6 weeks, then anything after that is icing on the cake!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

26 Week Appointment

It was another good appointment.  It started with an ultrasound where the babies are measuring 1lb 15oz(boy) and 2lbs 3oz(girl).  The doctor said that's a good variance and they are measuring right on track!  The babies are transverse which is a little disappointing, but they still have time to turn head down. 
  I talked to the dr. about really wanting a natural birth but she said I may have to come to terms with the fact that a c-section may be the case.  I really want to experience a natural birth again and I also don't want the recovery of a c-section because that would mean 6 weeks of not being able to lift Ella.
 I am currently measuring 37 weeks for a singleton pregnancy and I can't see getting much bigger, but I know it will be the case.  I have my cocoa butter ready for the discomfort that is to come.
  My gestational diabetes test is next appointment (totally not looking forward to this).  They said that since it's a twin pregnancy I'm a lot more likely to have it.  Double the placenta means double the chance that you have it.  I guess being diagnosed with it will keep weight gain down to a minimum because of following a GD diet but really, I haven't gained much at all this pregnancy, so I'm wondering what's going to happen.
  So now we are down to 2 week appointments.  This pregnancy has gone by so fast, but so slow.  I'm still allowed to work which is amazing right now.  I guess I'm getting a little more rest at work than at home sometimes.  The commute stinks though (an hour at least each way) and sitting all day is getting tiring, so I'm not sure how long that will last.  If you add up the gas money and day care costs, it's kind of a waste.  You can't beat the discount though.
  Ella and I are going to go take our nap now.  I believe I need one more than she does most of the time, which is unfortunate cause mine gets cut short too many a times:)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

26 Weeks! Just a picture!

Appt is tomorrow!  Wish me luck:P
When I lift up my shirt it looks HUGE!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

23 Week Appointment!

Everything seems to be going really well.  I'm exhausted and can't imagine myself getting more uncomfortable and I have at least 14-15 weeks left, so I'm not sure how that's going to pan out!  The babies weigh 1lb and 1lb 3oz respectively and they are in about the 50th percentile right now.

Great news is that they are both head down and the u/s tech said that this is about the time when they establish positions for delivery.  I know it seems early, but I swear she said that!

The OB is keeping my visits at 4 weeks instead of every 2 like she usually does for twins because it's going so well.  I think we should've knocked on wood:)

It's proving to be a lot more challenging caring for a 2 year old everyday, but Ella is a great kid and I couldn't ask for anything more from her.  She has her moments, but usually does well during the day, but there are just some things that she can't do for herself like get in her crib or her car seat which are the two most challenging things for me to do for her.

Speaking of Ella Bo, she is almost 100% potty trained.  She wakes up dry from her nap and sometimes from overnight, but isn't in a big girl bed yet, so I can't expect her to do any better.  No accidents in over 2 weeks.  But she still asks for M&M's after.  2 to be exact.  Blue and Green:P And yes, she knows when they aren't blue and green.  Which is good and bad. 

Oddly enough Adam and I haven't purchased much for the babies yet.  Actually really haven't done anything to get ready for them.  I feel a little guilty, but I have no energy lately, and when I do, it's used on Ella.  My mom has done a ton of shopping and we are so grateful for that.  Our baby boy is outfitted for next summer because of her generosity.  We're not really worried about the girl because we have Ella's old clothes, but they are different sizes, so we are going to try and make it work.  I have hit a few clearances at Target and gotten both of the babies a few summer things.  Other than that, people have been really generous with donating their old baby clothes to us. 

Aaaand I'll stop babbling.  Thanks for those of your who are consistently reading the blog and commenting, love the comments, lets me know people are reading:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ballet Class and Apple Orchard

It's been a while since I've posted about Ella.  She is doing great and talking SO well now.  Almost all full sentences.  And man is she sassy!!  She now has an opinion.  About everything.  I went up to get her our of her crib last week and her pj's were off.  I asked her why they were and she said "I too big for jammies, I don't "yike" them!"....she now refuses not wear those pajamas.
  This week was her first week at dance lessons and she, well, she HATED it.  I think it was a bit intimidating to her.  She got her tap shoes on, had a couple of pictures taken, the teacher marked her spot on the floor with her initial and told her to stand on it and she balled.  The whole time.  We will probably go next week for one more try, but, really, she may be too young, and that's fine, but she only has so many opportunities to interact with younger children since I'm a SAHM and she doesn't go to daycare.
  We also went to the apple orchard this weekend.  Ella got stung by a bee in two spots for the first time.  At first we thought she was just scared of the bee which is very unlike her cause she loves bugs then Adam found a bee sting on her thumb.  Later, her chin got a little puffy and red.  So there you have it folks, she got stung and is now PETRIFIED of bees.  She heard a plane outside later (I guess it sounded like a bee) and she started shaking and crying.  Poor girl.  Stupid bee.
  Here are some pictures of this weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

20 Weeks!! Half way there:)

Please excuse the bathroom, it needs a complete overhaul:P  This is my 20 week pic.  I haven't been doing weekly pictures or anything because, quite frankly, I don't think I look pregnant:)  Well, until today I didn't.
  I'm feeling much better these days, I haven't vomitted in about a week.  I am, however haven't serious growing pains and carrying Ella around is getting more difficult.
  Feeling the babies move (and knowing which one is moving) is the coolest thing ever.  It makes all this sickness and soreness all worth it!!!
  My next appointment isn't until the 4th of Oct.  I hope I can make it till then to see these babes on u/s!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ella!!!!

We had an awesome birthday party for Ella this weekend full of loved ones.  She wore a tutu and a smile on her face *almost* the whole time:)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Keeping an eye on those milestones

It's so much fun watching Ella grow into a child.  She's saying almost all complete sentences (leaving out a part of speech here or there) especially when she wants something.  Her favorite is "I do it Mumma".
  She knows about 8 shapes and 5 or 6 colors on command.  We are working on ABC's and counting but she just doesn't seem interested.  In fact, sometimes she even says "NO!" when we try to recite them lol.  We aren't going to push it since she seems agitated at the time.
  Potty training is not going well (I think we missed our opportunity before we headed to Costa Rica) and she'll lay on the floor and ask for her diaper to be put back on if we have it off.  It's aggravating, but, again, it's an issue we can't push right now.
  We can't believe that her second birthday is coming up.  It's amazing how much she's grown from two years ago.  Where does the time go?  We never forget what a miracle she is.
  We'll be celebrating with family and close friends next Sunday on her real birthday.  We ask her what she wants for her birthday and she says "cake".  Easy enough.
As for things she seems to be excited about: We ask her what's it Mumma's belly and she says every time "2 babies".  I ask her what she is going to do with them and she recites back that she is going to give them big hugs and take them to the playground.  She gets really excited to go over "Gammy and "Bumps" house to see them and her aunts and uncles.  Also, admittedly, we have on occasion taken her to McDonalds (something I thought I wouldn't do until she was 4 or 5) and she always asks for french fries.

In closing, it's so hard to believe that this girl is going to be 2.  2 years of wonderful, happy memories that will last a lifetime.  We look forward to all the years to come with her.

Friday, July 30, 2010

13 Weeks And Slacking with Blog Writing.

Feeling recently: I feel awful, sick all the time, throwing up all the time, and headaches ALL. THE. TIME.
But, I know this is all worth it and hopefully it won't stick around for the whole pregnancy.  I want to be able to enjoy this!!

Food Aversions: Yes.  HAHA, well, what DOESN'T make me want to blow my cookies?  Mostly sweets.  But you can't live off sweets, especially when you are pregnant, so I've been settling for popsicles that don't have too much sugar in them and toast with peanut butter (protein, right?), and Ramen.  Ramen is getting a little old, I can tell you that.

Cravings: Any seafood, weird, right?

Weight Gain/Loss: Last I knew I had lost about 3 pounds.

What was cool about this week?  I had my first trimester scan this week.  It was very exciting seeing the babies move around.  Everything seems to be very normal (we will know exactly how normal in about 2 weeks) and we got a gender guess!  The u/s tech thinks Ella will be getting two new sisters:)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Ran Out Of Swim Diapers...........

And a day at the lake wouldn't be complete without diving in......

Let me tell you.  That diaper weighed quite a bit.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hand, Foot, and Mouth

This little girl was pooped.  It was the 4th of July and she was running a temp of 103.9.  Hand, Foot, and Mouth ladies and gentlemen.  You should've seen the awful blisters she had on her throat.  The doctor showed them to me and I almost let loose and cried.
  It was a rough holiday weekend between my bleeding scare and Ella's illness.
We are both all better now (with the exception of me violently vomiting every two seconds).  I have an OB appointment next Tuesday to hopefully check on the babies' heartbeats, but from what I've heard dopplers are difficult with twin pregnancies.  We shall see. Here's to an uneventful weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Not So Good Day.....

Last night before I went to bed, I was very crampy.  This is not out of the ordinary for this pregnancy, I've been crampy from day one.  I took a couple of tylenol and went to bed.
  This morning I woke up to blood and cramps.  I tried to stay calm until I could call my doctors office.  It was the most difficult 45 minutes of my life.  I called and they said that they had to wait for a doctor or midwife to come in.  I got Ella dressed and ready for my parents house (figuring she was probably going to stay there for the day) and went up and got dressed myself.
 9 o'clock rolls around and the midwife calls and asks what's going on.  I tell her I've been bleeding for an hour and a half and the cramping is getting pretty intense.  She proceeds to say that I can come in for an ultra sound but it won't be able to tell us much because in a couple of days things could be different.  I asked her if we would be able to see a subchorionic hematoma if there was one and she said yes.  So I told her I wanted an ultrasound.  Which I feel she should've just said to come in for in the first place, but what do I know.
 There was no SCH The babies appeared to be fine and grew since Tuesday.  They are measuring 1 and 2 days ahead of schedule with very strong heartbeats. I'm on restricted activity for a little while because they couldn't find the source of the bleeding and cramping so it could be anything.  I'm still bleeding and still cramping. 
  This is so frustrating, to get this far, and still be unsure of the outcome.  I was on cloud 9 on Tuesday when we saw both babies were beautiful and healthy.  Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.  I will update soon!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We've got some BIG news!!!

So many of you have followed our journey to Costa Rica and Panama for IVF.  We were waiting until it was a little safer to tell people and we are now nine weeks, with...............................


This has been a long, incredible journey to be where we are right now.  When Ella was 6 months old, we decided to wean her from breastmilk so we could start trying to add to our family.  We got pregnant the cycle we started trying just for it to end in a miscarriage at 6.5 weeks.

A year later, we are here, pregnant with twins, and couldn't be happier!!!!  Our nine week appointment was today and went very well.  Their heartbeats were at a rate of 176 and 182 and they were measuring exactly as they should be!

Our due date is February 2nd, but the OB says 38 is full term for twins, so we are thinking more like January 14th, 2011.  We feel so unbelievably blessed to be expecting siblings for Ella!  Thanks everyone for your wishes and prayers, we really relied on those to get through IVF in another country.

Please keep the other family who went with us in your prayers that they get pregnant soon, T has gone through Hell and back trying to get some answers.

We will continue to do keep everyone posted on our journey.  Watch for updates more frequently now that I let the cat out of the bag!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA

I'm doing a little revamping to my blog and have been busy with lots of neat things lately. You are gonna want to stick around:) More to come soon!!! For now here are some pictures to hold you over:)

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm aware my comments aren't working

Anyone have any clue how to fix them??

In the meantime, I will give an update. Ella is doing GREAT! Still very verbal and loves life. She sucks it in and is FULL of energy.
We had a great Easter where she got spoiled as always. 2 easter baskets and an easter egg hunt later, she was pooped, but not too much because she managed to eat through a bunch of chocolate.
Here she is on Easter day in all her beauty:)
In other news, my Endo seems to be getting worse. I had an SHG a few weeks back where they discovered a polyp, so I had surgery last week to get it out. That was no fun, but I had a great new doc in Portland do it and she was wonderful. Too bad she isn't in the area, she would be my permanent doctor.

I'll try to update a little more often. Again, can anyone help me with why my comments aren't working?? I took all security off from them to try that out and it didn't work.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Felt Playhouse

We are on Etsy people!!!

Come buy a felt playhouse to benefit our trip to Costa Rica and Panama for IVF!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Check out our new IVF adventure

It's very unique!!! We are going to Central America to get pregnant!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's that time of year again

Playground time!

Careful, she's a feisty driver like her mumma!

And the infamous swing.........only this year, she was screaming WEEEEEEEE the whole time!
She didn't want to leave

Making attempts to keep up

Life gets busy. But I need to keep up with this since I'm not doing so well with Ella's baby book! I need SOMETHING to reference her milestones...
She is now saying things in sentences like "I love mumma" or "I love dadda" and "hi mumma". "Oh no!" is one of her common phrases so is "NO!" We try not to say no very often but it has a natural ring to it, so sometimes it slips.
Temper tantrums are on the rise, but we either ignore or tell her politely what she is doing wrong. We went to the playground today and she wouldn't share one of the driving wheels on the jungle gym, so I had to take her aside while she was screaming and explain to her that she needs to share. It's kind of like talking to a brick wall, but hopefully one day soon, she will understand.
One of the things she does is point her finger at the other kiddies around her playing and says NO! We don't ever point fingers, so that one must be from the short stint she did at daycare. The kid is reaching her terrible twos. It's hard not to laugh sometimes. Really, I turn my face away for seconds on occasion.
Cute things she does (well everything she does is cute, but you get what I'm sayin')
- lays on the floor and says "shhhh, nite nite"
- hugs me and says "love you mumma"(what's better than that?)
-puts the phone up to her ear to say "hi Ky yeeee"(my sister)
- points at people in pictures and says who they are
-says "hungry" when she is hungry
I'm sure there are many more.

I will make an extra effort to post more, I've heard from a few that they really do read this, so it gives me a reason to post!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Words, Words, and more Words

16 months is such a fun age. Ella is becoming more aware of her surroundings and interacting with people around her so much more:) She has always been sort of behind physically; she never sat up completely until about 7 months and never walked well until 13.5 months, but MAN can she talk! Here is a list of just SOME of the words she can say, most she has been saying for a couple of months now. She has started putting them together too!

Hi, Bye, Mumma, Daddy, Mommy, uh-oh, "Blues" (for Blues Clues), doggy, kitty, apple, orange, ball, balloon, pretty, gentle, OW OW OW OW (when we are in the middle of the grocery store no less:P), milk, more(and signs it), please (peeease), thank you (and signs it), think (and signs it), book, duck (and quacks), cheese, sock, shoe, nose, belly button, teeth, poop, pee, num num, and many more that I just can't remember.

Ella is also going to daycare now, (just part time) to get her out to socialize with kids her age. So far, it's going well, it has taken some getting used to (she cries when I leave), but at this point, she isn't crying the whole time she is there so thats a plus. She's been sick twice in 4 weeks, but I guess that comes with the territory. In addition to that, we are fighting two ear infections in a row. Hopefully she will feel better soon.

I'll leave you all with a pic of the cute babe who had fallen asleep in my arms at the doctors office.