Monday, August 20, 2007

August 20th....doesn't seem like I'm trying

Very hard to keep this blog up. Not much new happening. I think my body finally started to ovulate after 50 days of being off the stupid lupron therapy.
I just applied for a new position with my company and I'm crossing my fingers that they will hire me. I really thought that I would be a shoe in for the job, but I guess not since they posted it everywhere. I have my sales up and I haven't really done anything detrimentally wrong in the 9 months I've been there.
I guess I'll just have to wait and see though. So lets see...not much else to tell, we are going to Providence to visit the in-laws for Labor Day weekend, that should be fun, we suggested Providence because it seemed like there would be more to do there than the original destination of Springfield Mass.
Last week we almost had to go to the hospital because I had side splitting pains in my ovary. I called my ob/gyn to find out that he was on vacation and his colleague ended up having to call me. She was very nice and helpful, saying that a cyst probably burst. Although I did play devil's advocate and said that I've had one burst before and it felt nothing like that. She offered an ultrasound and I said that if the pain persisted that I would opt for one. It didn't, it kind of faded away the next day so that's good...ahhh the joys of endo.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Mom:)

So I just want to take this oppurtunity and talk about my mom. She is the rock in my life. She understands me so well and has been helping me through my fertility situation. Yes there are some people who think it's weird that I am so open with my mom about the whole situation, but I have always been so close with her.
Every surgery, every appointment, every second of everyday she has been there for me through this whole process. It brings tears to my eyes to think I may never be able to give my mother a grandchild. I want more than anything in the world to give her that. And she wants more than anything in the world to be a grandmother to my children. What an awesome grandmother she is going to make! Just like my grandmother (her mother, who is now deceased) she will be there for my children as if they were her own. She will spoil them and play games with them, will have them sleep over, will be there for their birthdays, celebrations and be the best grandmother anyone could ever wish for.
My mom has had 6 kids, and even though she isn't going the infertility herself, she is going through this with me, she knows how badly I want children and what a good mother I'm going to be.
I cannot wait for the day that I can tell my mother she is going to be a grandmother. The day I can bring that joy into her life will be marked as one of the best days in my life.
If you read this mom, know that you are always the initial thought in my mind when I think about my unborn child. I will trust you with my child unconditionally and know that they will love you as much as they do me. I love you.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This is me being a lazy blogger

So I worked 12 days in a row before I had a day off recently so I sort of have an excuse for my lack of blogging.

Not much has happened recently, work is going 10 times better than it was before. I think I'm seeing eye to eye with my boss finally. I think she's starting to understand that there are a lot more things on my mind than working.

Ok, what else.......hmmm.....I want to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to my baby brother (who isn't really a baby anymore). Cameron has turned 11. There is 14 years difference between him and I and I think I get more emotional than my mom does with each birthday of his. He grew up too fast. It's weird to think that he is going to be an uncle soon (hopefully). Uncle Cammy.....WEIRD.

I can't think of anything productive to hope the rest of everyone's week goes well!!