Sunday, December 2, 2007

Finally, at peace for a little

My ob/gyn called me last week to talk about my test results because he knew that I wasn't happy with my 7.3 progesterone level at 7dpo. At least he returns my calls, my RE doesn't.
He told me that all he was really looking for was a positive number and that upping my clomid does was going to make my body reverse the progress it had made with ovulating. Fine, I guess I'm at peace with this.
What' I'm not at peace with is the fact that my RE and RE nurse never return my phone calls. I wanted to call and check if it would suppress my endo to go on BCP's for a little before January's IVF. Well, thank goodness my ob/gyn cares enough to call. He doesn't know why they had suggested BCP's for me at all with the severity of my endo. It wouldn't do me any good. I told him that Adam and I decided to take a break for this cycle. We defiantly aren't preventing, but I'm not going on the Clomid again. I can't take another cycle of it. I want a drug free cycle before IVF.
The doc thinks it's a good idea. I was stressed to the max last month with the clomid. I felt naseaus and crampy and bloated and moody. Never again.
I feel better, physically this cycle. I don't feel like puking and I don't feel bloated. I do still feel moody, but what's an infertile to do?

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