Tuesday, March 4, 2008

14 Week Appointment Today:)

I had my 14 week appointment today and we heard the baby on the doppler at 150 BPM:) The midwife said that the baby sounded very healthy and that I'm officially out of the first trimester!!! YAY:)

Other than that, I had my annual physical at this appointment, which wasn't so fun. Pap smear, mammogram, yada yada. I guess it's routine for early in your pregnancy.

The midwife told me in regards to my throwing up and nausea that I needed to up my dosage of Zofran (which doesn't seem to be working so far) and taking unisom and vitamin B-6 together. So I'm going to try that at night first to see how sleepy and useless it makes me. Who would've thought of taking a sleep aid for morning sickness?

I also have that nasty virus that is going around and you guessed it, I can't take anything except Robitussen PE which does not do anything except leave a bad burning sensation in your chest and throat after you throw it up.

Alright, the venting is over. Like I told the midwife today, I just want to enjoy my pregnancy and I feel like I'm doing more complaining than anything when I should just be grateful that Adam and I got here. Please don't take all this information as complaining, if you are a loyal reader, you know Adam and I are anything but ungrateful. I'm just hoping that the nausea ends soon cause that would solve a lot of problems.

Adam has been such a trooper through all of this whining. He rubs my back (when I let him) as I'm dry heaving over the toilet, opens doors for me and takes my arm when it's icy out and he thinks I'm going to fall. I love him to death. He's going to be such a good daddy:) He talks to Exit (what we affectionately call the baby until we find out what it is) and tells him/her to stop making mommy sick. I wish he/she would listen. HAHAH.

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Ariella said...

I am sorry you are so sick. I hope your midwife is right and uping the dose helps. In the meantime while you are sick get Adam to make you soup. I made some today and it was wonderful on my sore throat. Feel better.

Tarahville said...


I feel so horrible that we've not been in contact. I have so much to catch up on with you. I see that you're buying a home and I'm so happy for you.

So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, but I'm over the moon happy for you that your baby is doing wonderful.

We need to get in touch. I'll try to be on Gmail a little more often.



Tarahville said...
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