Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fun!

We all had a great Easter, and we hope you and your family did too! Ella got TWO Easter baskets! Not really a surprise though. We (the Easter Bunny) got her a bunch of necessities in a basket like tights, socks, babyfood, etc. My mom and Dad got her a shovel and pail as a bucket with an outfit, a toy, and a big girl sippy cup that she is going to start using soon! We can't wait to use the shovel and pail this summer at the beach. We did an Easter Egg hunt and I had a very hard time finding my color egg because I'm not so good at that type of thing. Adam found all of his no problem. Ella watched with amusement. All in all, Easter was SO fun! Ella, of course looked beautiful in her dress.

Sorry, some of these pictures got cut off in the process of downloading.

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