Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Making attempts to keep up

Life gets busy. But I need to keep up with this since I'm not doing so well with Ella's baby book! I need SOMETHING to reference her milestones...
She is now saying things in sentences like "I love mumma" or "I love dadda" and "hi mumma". "Oh no!" is one of her common phrases so is "NO!" We try not to say no very often but it has a natural ring to it, so sometimes it slips.
Temper tantrums are on the rise, but we either ignore or tell her politely what she is doing wrong. We went to the playground today and she wouldn't share one of the driving wheels on the jungle gym, so I had to take her aside while she was screaming and explain to her that she needs to share. It's kind of like talking to a brick wall, but hopefully one day soon, she will understand.
One of the things she does is point her finger at the other kiddies around her playing and says NO! We don't ever point fingers, so that one must be from the short stint she did at daycare. The kid is reaching her terrible twos. It's hard not to laugh sometimes. Really, I turn my face away for seconds on occasion.
Cute things she does (well everything she does is cute, but you get what I'm sayin')
- lays on the floor and says "shhhh, nite nite"
- hugs me and says "love you mumma"(what's better than that?)
-puts the phone up to her ear to say "hi Ky yeeee"(my sister)
- points at people in pictures and says who they are
-says "hungry" when she is hungry
I'm sure there are many more.

I will make an extra effort to post more, I've heard from a few that they really do read this, so it gives me a reason to post!!

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