Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm aware my comments aren't working

Anyone have any clue how to fix them??

In the meantime, I will give an update. Ella is doing GREAT! Still very verbal and loves life. She sucks it in and is FULL of energy.
We had a great Easter where she got spoiled as always. 2 easter baskets and an easter egg hunt later, she was pooped, but not too much because she managed to eat through a bunch of chocolate.
Here she is on Easter day in all her beauty:)
In other news, my Endo seems to be getting worse. I had an SHG a few weeks back where they discovered a polyp, so I had surgery last week to get it out. That was no fun, but I had a great new doc in Portland do it and she was wonderful. Too bad she isn't in the area, she would be my permanent doctor.

I'll try to update a little more often. Again, can anyone help me with why my comments aren't working?? I took all security off from them to try that out and it didn't work.



S.I.F. said...

I think they are working now!

Christa said...

YAY!!! Thanks!

Ava said...

Checking out the new comments

Ava said...

They DO work. Woo hoo!

The Genetic Mule said...

Hi! Glad to have found you blog. I too have severe endo, and have been ttc for 6 years. I had my first failed IVF in February, and am now interested in going to Costa Rica/Panama for my second attempt.
I had a lap last year in the hopes of helping the infertility and get some pain relief. I just want anyone and everyone out there to know what my operating doctor did not tell me: There is an unexplained link between laps and poor stimulation to fertility drugs, follicle stimulation, egg quality and even embryo quality. NO ONE told me this, at least not until after I was underperforming in every area of my IVF cycle. People will tell you endo doesn't affect IVF success that much - until you have a failed cycle, and then suddenly it becomes paramount. Just be aware. It is definitely one of those "if only I had known" type of things. The only true way a laparoscopy could improve your fertility is via the unblocking of a tube, beyond that the scar tissue can be every bit as damaging to fertility as the actual endometrial growths.

kari said...

Just found your blog! I had surgery last week to remove an ovarian cyst and the doctor found endometriosis, scar tissue and cysts. He made a comment to my husband about "this may cause us some difficulty in getting pregnant." We have two children already and recently have begun trying for baby number 3 when I began having pain and irregular periods. At first, my doctor thought I had kidney stones...but later found 3 cysts. Now, I'm just scared about my chances of becoming pregnant again and I'm awaiting my follow-up appointment with my doctor. Thanks for all of your blogs...they have been very informative to me!