Tuesday, November 2, 2010

26 Week Appointment

It was another good appointment.  It started with an ultrasound where the babies are measuring 1lb 15oz(boy) and 2lbs 3oz(girl).  The doctor said that's a good variance and they are measuring right on track!  The babies are transverse which is a little disappointing, but they still have time to turn head down. 
  I talked to the dr. about really wanting a natural birth but she said I may have to come to terms with the fact that a c-section may be the case.  I really want to experience a natural birth again and I also don't want the recovery of a c-section because that would mean 6 weeks of not being able to lift Ella.
 I am currently measuring 37 weeks for a singleton pregnancy and I can't see getting much bigger, but I know it will be the case.  I have my cocoa butter ready for the discomfort that is to come.
  My gestational diabetes test is next appointment (totally not looking forward to this).  They said that since it's a twin pregnancy I'm a lot more likely to have it.  Double the placenta means double the chance that you have it.  I guess being diagnosed with it will keep weight gain down to a minimum because of following a GD diet but really, I haven't gained much at all this pregnancy, so I'm wondering what's going to happen.
  So now we are down to 2 week appointments.  This pregnancy has gone by so fast, but so slow.  I'm still allowed to work which is amazing right now.  I guess I'm getting a little more rest at work than at home sometimes.  The commute stinks though (an hour at least each way) and sitting all day is getting tiring, so I'm not sure how long that will last.  If you add up the gas money and day care costs, it's kind of a waste.  You can't beat the discount though.
  Ella and I are going to go take our nap now.  I believe I need one more than she does most of the time, which is unfortunate cause mine gets cut short too many a times:)


Dink said...

that is soo great to hear that things are going well and on schedule!! I will keep my fingers crossed that they will turn head down. I know there are stretches/positions you can do daily to help them turn. Good luck and I think it is great that you are going to try a natural birth!!

Nic said...

Pleased all is well. Cant believe how far a long you are!

I hope they turn for you soon.
Take care

TurQ1968 said...

Hi Christa- Congrats on everything. I had commented back in Sept that I was going to Barbados Fertility Clinic and appreciated your insights on traveling for ivf. Unfortunately my cycle didn't work. They transferred 5, yes five, 6-8 cell embryos, but none took. Still have 3 frozens I go back for in December. It was a great vacation though, so not a total waste, and hoping the frosties are our ticket to twins as well. Thanks for giving me a positive example to work towards.

jannandpat said...

We would love to see the latest pictures of the twins.