Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our baby is a soccer fan!

We bring Ella to every soccer game there is in Waterville. She seems to like it because she gets a lot of attention at them. People we don't even know come up and ask to hold her.

Adam, Ella and I went to a different department in Colby yesterday and everyone was just smitten with her.

She is growing so long and getting her own look, her complexion is lightening and she's definitely not as fussy anymore which is great. Come to find out newborns go through growth spurts every 3 weeks where they get fussy and want to eat all the time. I'm guessing that's what last week was.

She is only waking up every 3 hours now, or my internal clock wakes me up every 3 hours to feed her because I know soon I'm going to have to anyways, so I get her up, change her and feed her. We've learned that swaddling her really helps because it keeps her hands out of her face and away from her binky.

Here are some more pictures!!

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