Friday, September 26, 2008

Pukey McPuker

Ella has been spitting up a lot lately and I've grown a little more concerned about the amount. This is the second time I've brought it up to the pediatrician, but she seems to think if she's gaining weight that there isn't a problem. I'm more concerned about her comfort level. I'm sure it's not a good feeling to spit up all the time. We are going to watch her carefully and make sure she continues to gain weight.

She's sleeping a lot better at night now, Adam and I have worked out a good schedule that I get up and feed her at night, and he takes her downstairs at about 7:30 so that I can get a couple more hours of sleep in.

We took a trip to Portland this week to visit relatives. I don't think Ella got enough attention;) My awesome Aunt took really good maternity pictures that she gave me a cd of that I will be posting soon!

More pics:)

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My Endo Journey said...

She's beautiful! Thank you for posting on my blog and sharing your story. I can't wait to finally post pics of our baby on the blog. One day!