Monday, August 20, 2007

August 20th....doesn't seem like I'm trying

Very hard to keep this blog up. Not much new happening. I think my body finally started to ovulate after 50 days of being off the stupid lupron therapy.
I just applied for a new position with my company and I'm crossing my fingers that they will hire me. I really thought that I would be a shoe in for the job, but I guess not since they posted it everywhere. I have my sales up and I haven't really done anything detrimentally wrong in the 9 months I've been there.
I guess I'll just have to wait and see though. So lets see...not much else to tell, we are going to Providence to visit the in-laws for Labor Day weekend, that should be fun, we suggested Providence because it seemed like there would be more to do there than the original destination of Springfield Mass.
Last week we almost had to go to the hospital because I had side splitting pains in my ovary. I called my ob/gyn to find out that he was on vacation and his colleague ended up having to call me. She was very nice and helpful, saying that a cyst probably burst. Although I did play devil's advocate and said that I've had one burst before and it felt nothing like that. She offered an ultrasound and I said that if the pain persisted that I would opt for one. It didn't, it kind of faded away the next day so that's good...ahhh the joys of endo.

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Tarahville said...

Good luck on the job that you applied for. I hope you get it!

And I hope you're feeling better.