Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So I've been waking up at night to baby Exit kicking away. Adam has felt her a number of times now and she is actually kicking and not just moving around! It's so cool! I have realized on the days that I'm more active, she is less active and the time that I lay around and don't do much (haha, even though it's not frequently) that she kicks away.
Food is still the enemy most times and I really have an appetite, but can never figure out if I want to eat anything specific. So far the only craving I've had is hot dogs and really when you are pregnant, you are supposed to limit your consumption of processed meat.
I find lately, I'm getting more and more excited cause I'm over half way there and a little anxious, but I know that I have a ways left to go!
My in laws and sister in law are coming to visit us in our new house this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) which should be fun. We are going to have a bbq with both sides of the family, a rarity these days with everyone's schedules.
Sorry, not the most interesting blog in the world, but I felt the need to write!

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