Wednesday, July 23, 2008

34 weeks

I am finally feeling a little relieved because my doctor has said it's time to go to part time. By the end of my long work days, my feet are so swollen and large, they won't fit into my shoes anymore and my contractions are more frequent. So I'm down to 5 four hour days. I told them I would finish out this week full time and boy am I doing that. I worked a 9.5 hour shift today, work 11-7:30 tomorrow and then work all weekend.

On a brighter note, my shower is on Sunday and I'm so thrilled!!! Adam's work threw me my very first baby shower yesterday and we received some really cool stuff, including hand knit blankets, a hand knit hat, some clothes, a couple of cool onsies and a gift card to walmart. We are so thankful that his co workers have been so generous.

Next week I have a breastfeeding class on Tuesday night and the following weekend, Adam and I have a weekend lamazze class which should be interesting. Everything is starting to seem very real now.

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