Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sicky Mommy and Baby

Between being a mommy, working, ChaCha-ing and beading, it's like I have no time lately. We are gearing up for Christmas right now, and Ella is very excited! Not really, but we are excited for her!
Thanksgiving was fun. We had Jann, Pat, Carrie and Bill up for the celebration. Ella enjoyed seeing her grandparents!

Ella has begun to grab her pacifier out of her mouth and put it back in. Not sure how she knows how to do this considering she isn't grabbing for toys yet. My situation for work is ok. Having my mom and her aunties and uncle watch her, then having daddy time has been great. I don't worry about a thing.

Unfortunately, she has been battling a cold, and she caught it from me. It hasn't been too bad and her highest temp was 100.7, but she isn't breathing very well through her nose, which means a lot of plunging (which she hates) and a lot of tissues (burp rags). We went to the doctors on Monday because she has been screaming in between and at feedings, then you hear her stomach growl. We had tried everything; mylilcon, bicycling her legs, rubbing her tummy, and nothing seemed to work. So mommy is now on a lactose free diet. She still seems to be having trouble, so I'm not sure how much this is helping, but will give it a couple more days until they put her on Prevacid. I would really hate to put her on medicine, but if it's going to make her feel better, then I'll welcome it. The doctor seemed to think that switching to formula would help, but right now, that's not an option to us. It is very important to me to keep breastfeeding and hopefully we can keep doing it.
As always, here are some pictures, I have a lot to catch up on! And please, leave a comment just so I know that someone actually follows the blog, it's a lot of work to keep up with it!

Christmas Pictures (or an attempt)

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jannandpat said...

Christa, I follow your blog faithfully. I LOVE seeing pictures of Ella. She is adorable.
Love, Pat