Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Year Ago Yesterday

We found out we were pregnant with Ella. I can remember the screams I let out and how Adam said shhhhh! you are going to wake the neighbors up! But at the time he didn't know why I was screaming. We were pregnant. Out of nowhere we were pregnant. We took a break from the clomid and timed intercourse. We wanted to enjoy our holiday season before we started IVF the next month. So we did get pregnant without help, something I was not statistically supposed to be able to do. Although, I'm not sure I like it when people say something like "hey! look what happened when you weren't trying!?!" When someone has a serious condition and knows they can't get pregnant very easily, they don't want something like that thrown in their face. Yes, it happened to be that we got our BFP on a break cycle, but it doesn't mean that it was just because we weren't trying. I feel very strongly about this because we got a lot of that comment and it's just a coincidence and nothing else.
However we got pregnant, we now have Ella in our lives and she is such a blessing to so many people, especially us. That baby that I thought I may never have is here, growing very fast and making Adam and I the happiest people on Earth. We love you Ella May!


Pregnant...How Did You Do That? said...

Thank you for your blog - inspiration during IF is essential. Sounds like you have a hard time with your ENDO. I am thankful mine is minor and I have no symptoms - except the IF. Such a mystery...

Congratulations to you!!

贵阳川麻将 said...

Good article, good things, good feelings, good BLOG!