Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ella Bo Bella

Ella is 5.5 months now and is laughing so much more and has SO much personality. She is moody (she gets that from her mom), but most of the time she is happy. She is almost sitting up, she is very wobbly when she does it and only stays up for about 10 seconds, but enough time to get some good pictures. She is growing very long, fast, so she is now outgrowing some of her 3 month clothing and slowly going to her 6 months clothes.
Ella is getting smarter and now touches my face and opens her mouth to kiss my face after I pick her up so that I feel too bad to put her back down. She is still enjoying her daddy time at night while mommy is at work, although she now thinks this is sleep time. Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen, we think she has her days and nights messed up. She doesn't like to sleep at night which makes for a rough day for mommy and daddy.
In two weeks, she will be six months and we will be feeding her her first solid foods! Squash will come first along with some other vegetables like carrots and peas. Hopefully this will help her sleep through the night.

As always, here are some updated pictures.

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Nic said...

She is adorable!!!