Sunday, March 8, 2009

Adventures in weaning

Let me start by saying weaning is not fun. Neither Ella nor I were mentally or physically ready for us to wean from the breast, but Ella will thank me someday when she has a little brother or sister.
The doctor told us weaning was our best option since there is only about a 1-2% chance that you can get pregnant while avidly breastfeeding, and yes, we are trying again. Although it breaks my heart to stop breastfeeding, we would like to complete our family.
Weaning hurts. When you exclusively breastfeed for 6 months, you build up a supply such that your boobs swell with milk if you don't use the supply. I'm suffering with clogged ducts, lumps and aches. Along with that comes the mental anguish because I have that great bond with Ella from feeding her, giving her a bottle is getting a little easier but still makes me sad.
I will be happy once we get pregnant. We will try for 6 months then do IVF if needed (hopefully not). Wish us luck!


jannandpat said...

Christa, I'm sorry about the pain and having to stop nursing before you are ready. I'm excited to think about Miracle #2! Love, Pat

Nic said...

Wow, I amazed you managed to breast feed for 6 months, well done. I am sorry it hurts so much to wean, she will thank you. Good luck for number 2!!!