Sunday, March 29, 2009

Updates on Ella!

Ella is now a little over 7 months old and SO much fun! She's sitting up very well for long periods of time and learning how to play with "sit up" toys now.
She's been babbling to herself for the last couple of weeks and it's so funny to hear her. Ella has become very alert and turns around to the sound of pretty much anyone's voice. She's very interested in busy situations, taking it all in, enjoying company. She HATES being bored, like her Mommy.

I never gave her 6 month "well appointment" stats, so here they are. She's about 50th percentile, maybe a little small at 26 inches and 15.8 pounds. She's in 6 month clothes, so I've begrudgingly packed all her 3 month clothes away.

Here she is in her horsey!

Bouncy Time! from Adam Nielsen on Vimeo.

AND other pictures!

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Nic said...

She was loving her horse! I think she may be an irish dancer when she grows up!!