Thursday, July 9, 2009

On the #2 baby front....

Adam and I are still benched when it comes to makin' babies. We benched ourselves to recuperate from our recent loss.
Good news is, I finish my last packet of birth control pills at the end of this month. From there, we are hoping that nature will help us out again this time and there will be no need for medical intervention. We will try unmedicated for 3 months, but knowing that we have underlying issues, will probably jump on the Clomid wagon on the fourth cycle.
My message to Clomid:Ahhh, Clomid, how I LOOOOOOOOOATH you. You nasty, make me feel nauseous, crampy, bloated, wanting to reach my arms down my throat and pull my ovary out and throw it into the woods piece of trash that you are. But you could help get me pregnant, and for that I am grateful. Still think you had something to do with Ella being conceived even though I took you the cycle before.
Nevertheless, here's to jumping back on the wagon!!!

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Ava said...

Hope the second time around treats you better :)
Good luck!