Sunday, July 1, 2007

I don't know what I would do.......

I just watched a video It made me cry. Well, almost everything makes me cry, but this was really sad. It was about couples who want to have babies and can't, it had real life cases and statistics.

It got me to thinking.....wonder if it never happens for us? What a depressing thought, I know, but I have to keep it in the back of my mind that I may never be able to have a child. 30-40% of endometriosis patients are infertile. What horrible odds!!!
What's next, adoption? Adam and I agreed that if we can't have kids, we probably wouldn't go the adoption route. We want a baby that has our genes, that has our blood and that I can carry for 9 months, experiencing the burdens and joys of being pregnant.

There are so many people who go out, get drunk, and have a one night stand and become it's really hard to think about people who want to have kids, have been trying cycle after cycle, using all the ovulation predictors and pregnancy tests, spending tons of cash on the best ones to make sure they are working.........and they can't get pregnant.

I know this is a depressing post, but I guess this is why I started this blog. To show people that endo is a REAL disease that affects so many lives, not with just the physical pain it causes, but the mental anguish.

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