Monday, July 16, 2007

Wow, have I been bad about blogging!

I promise, I won't let this go so long again.

Lots of things have happened. Adam and I went to a fertility specialist last week to find out what are options are. She said since we haven't officially started trying yet, that we need to give it a go for at least a few months and then come in for IVF. She said we don't have a "pretty picture" painted for us with my blocked tube and 1/2 ovary on the other side. This fertility specialist didn't seem to know a whole heck of a lot about us which was kind of unsettling in itself. My ob/gyn called after to see how the meeting went and agreed with most of what the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) said to me. I kind of wish he was the fertility specialist because he knows more about me than her and seems to care a lot more, but oh well, she seemed alright.

I'm so scared for my cycles to start back up just because of the pain I remember being in before the lupron, but it's kind of bitter sweet because Adam and I can officially start trying!

We looked at a house today, a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in a nice neighboorhood. It was everything we wanted in a house, it was huge, and updated and perfect. But in the end, we decided to wait until our lease was up next June to seriously start looking. We don't have enough in savings in case something goes wrong, and we want to be really ready.

Well, I'm going to be a lot better about this from now on............I hope.


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