Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The baby is in the correct place!

So our first official ultra sound was yesterday! We saw the sac and the yolk, it measured at about 5 weeks! Not as far along as we thought, but that’s ok, it’s in the correct place, it’s not in my tubes or floating around somewhere, it’s in my uterus. That was our number one fear. They are treating this just like a normal pregnancy now that my betas were good and my first ultra sound was perfect.

My pains have subsided somewhat, other than that, I am having wicked salty cravings. I need pickle juice. I know, I know, it’s really bad for me, but I’m drinking like 12 bottles of water a day. Lots of food is turning me off and my sense of smell is through the roof.

Our next ultra sound is on the 21st. We will be able to see the heartbeat and it will look sort of like a baby by then!

Adam and I consider ourselves so lucky. This is the miracle baby we have wanted. I can’t believe that today I canceled my initial consult with my new fertility specialist. We no longer need him. Wow, what a miracle. We are so grateful for this baby.

Here’s the good stuff!

Doesn't he/she look just like me?


jannandpat said...

The baby is beautiful. I hope there is a little bit of Adam there. The combination of you and Adam is going to be a gorgeous baby. Can't wait to meet him/her!

Ariella said...

It is all very exciting. I am glad he/she is in the right place!

I did have a hard time reading the pink sections of this post. The blue was fine but my eyes had to strain on the pink. Just wanted to let you know.

HeaherMichele said...

Congrats!! I had an u/s on tuesday due to spotting and I measured 5 weeks 5 days and my next one is on the 24th... so Im right there next to you with this! Im so happy for you:):)

LifeHopes said...

Your story gives me so much hope. (I just had surgery for stage 4 endo).
God Bless You in your pregnancy.

LifeHopes said...

I have a question - you don't have to share if you don't want- did you find success with Clomid, or was this a natural cycle?

I have often thought about trying Clomid but am scared it will create painful cysts (the last thing I need - my ovaries hurt enough already!!!)