Friday, January 9, 2009

About yesterdays post

Long story short, I went to my OB to have an ultrasound done. There was nothing there, zilch. They have no idea where my pain is coming from. So they have no way of fixing it. The ultra sound tech told me I should get a CT. Great.
She saw a small cyst on my right ovary indicating ovulation. Ovulation through breastfeeding and birth control. Something I am not supposed to be doing. It's very very frustrating knowing that you are doing the most you can do and more and your body is taking over enough to put you in this much pain.
Next post will be pictures of Ella, I promise.


Nic said...

I know how you are feeling, I recently had an ultrasound and was told that they couldnt see anything. They couldnt work out where my pain was coming from but I can feel it, the pain is real. The endo isnt always visible on ultrasound, I would have a CT if it was offered to me.

My Endo Journey said...

Thanks for the comment. It's great to see your blog! I'll definitely be following!

I hope you find some answers. Unfortunately, endo is so elusive like that. But, your pain is real, we know that. You know that.