Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Calling the doctor for pain

I hate doing this. I hate having to call my ob/gyn just to tell him I'm in pain. Not much he can do. I told him that I had been bleeding intermittently through my mini-pill (micronor). I'm also doubling over in pain almost everyday because of my right ovary. I think my cyst is back. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday morning. Part of me wants something to be there so they can remove it and the pain will lessen. If there is nothing there, there is nothing to get rid of. Then Adam and I will probably talk about other options for me and us. For now I'm on the Depo-Provera pill form? I had never heard of it, apparently its just a higher level progesterone pill so that I don't bleed as often.
It's getting so that I can't pick the baby up and bring her upstairs sometimes. Very scary for me. I don't want to know that this pain is getting the better of me. I don't want to let it. I don't want endo to control my life, I want to control it.
Will update when I get back from my ultra sound on Thursday. Hopefully I will know a little more then.

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