Monday, January 26, 2009

Not about Endo or Ella

I had to type this out;) I was watching a "True Hollywood story" for Rachel Ray. I'm not a die hard fan, there is just nothing else on at noon and Ella was napping, so I took advantage of my time. But there was a snippet at the end of the special that showed an "anti-Rachel Ray" snoot on film. They gave her a whole 5 minutes to talk abut herself and her website and about how much she hates Rachel Ray. Her website is called "Rachel Ray Sucks". Now call me crazy, but if you have nothing better to do than develop a website (that undoubtedly gets boring and monotonous) about how you hate Rachel Ray, then you are a jealous person and you need to get a life. I encourage everyone to tell this woman this. Her website is "Jealous Girl". Feel free to flame the lady. She is quite obsessive.

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