Friday, January 30, 2009

It's been two days since my lap.

I felt pretty good when I got up yesterday. I was very surprised (happily surprised), but I should've knocked on wood because the misery started last night. My stomach feels like it's going to pop at any minute because I'm so bloated and the gas in my shoulder hurts like someone is going to rip my arm off any minute. To top it off, I'm getting sick with a sore throat and so is Adam.
Dr. G told my Mom and Adam that everything looked ok (he was impressed at what being pregnant with Ella did to my uterus), but that he took a cyst off my right ovary and separated some endo from various parts of my body and my right ovary, so that's probably where the pain was originating from.
I can feel where the doctor burned inside especially if I hit that part of my body up against something. OUCH!
Ella has been so good, it's almost as if she knows that she needs to be good for mumma right now. It does help that she is taking more regular naps now. She slept last night from 10-1, 1:15-4 then 4:30-9, so that wasn't too bad.
Hopefully things are looking up when I post next.


Nic said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery. That shoulder pain is worse than in the stomach, I hated it. It should go after a few days. Get well soon.

My Endo Journey said...

Oh, I hate those gas pains!!!! Those and the headache I got from the anesthesia were the worst. I am waiting on scheduling to call to schedule my next lap-boo! Glad to hear things weren't as crazy as they probably thought. That's always encouraging!

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Ava said...

Good luck! I wish you a speedy (and complete) recovery!